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Nick Mullins

10 months ago

Today was our 3rd time shooting with Roy and can’t recommend him enough. All three times we went with family and friends, some of which had never fired any type of firearm before. We’ve also had 4 different young adults (9-14 age) with us on the various trips and none of them had shot before. Roy started with explaining firearm safety and made sure that everyone understood basic safety as well as how to safely operate the various firearms we rented. It’s very obvious that while he wants to make sure we are having fun, his first priority is keeping everyone safe. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Roy to anyone with little or no firearm experience as he does a great job of making everyone comfortable around the firearms. Of course Roy is a great instructor also. Everyone in our group (all the times we’ve been) was better at shooting when they left. Roy uses easy to understand techniques and terminology that make it simple for new and experienced shooters to improve every shot. Even when someone would miss (it happens) he would give positive reinforcement and it was great to see people even making corrections on their own based off of Roy’s tips and instructions. Last but not least Roy kept everything light and has a good sense of humor.

Jud Aley

11 months ago

Had a wonderful time shooting with Roy. His comprehensive shooting knowledge is unequaled. Each an every time I come away a better shot than I was before, both on the course and in the field. I highly recommend Roy for shooting education, you will absolutely reap the benefits!

Kelly Jones

10 months ago

We love Roy! I brought up 7 boys yesterday for my sons 18th birthday. Most have them have never shot before. Roy was so patient and knowledgeable. I’m so thankful for the experience he provided us with. It’s a memory we will always remember. I highly recommend Roy!

Lisa Harris

11 months ago

Roy is a great instructor.  Very patient and professional. He helped me with my aim to really see where the plates are coming out and where to shoot.  Roy is just awesome. He is very kind and he really knows his business.  Highly recommend him.

Steve Dotseth

8 months ago

We had 9 out to Garland Mtn yesterday and had a blast.  Roy was especially helpful for a few of our party that had not shot a shotgun before.  Safety is critical and was emphasized several times.  Thanks Roy for your expert help and steady composure!  We'll be back and may look into your defensive handgun instructionas well.

R Leahey

9 months ago

Roy was incredible. Our shooting lesson was everything I asked for and more. Roy was able to focus in on what growths I wanted to take place and created a perfect lesson plan that addressed all areas. I highly recommend Roy to everyone!

Big buck Bound

11 months ago

I have nothing but good thinks to say about Roy and his ability to teach other’s how to shoot firearms!if you are looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge on how to break your clay shooting record or are just needing to learn the fundamentals,he is the man you need!

Bill Erb

11 months ago

More than a year ago, a friend of mine asked me to join him bird hunting. I was referred to Roy, and he quickly taught me how to shoot a shotgun. I enjoy bird hunting but Sporting Clays has become a passion for me. I am deeply grateful to Master Mick for making this journey a true delight.

Kristina Mason

10 months ago

This is was my first time shooting and Roy spend a ton of time help me. I was able to shoot my first target and a lot more later.


Edward R., (Brockport, NY)

Roy Mick is unequivocally, the finest instructor, firearms or otherwise, I have ever encountered in over 50 years of pursuing outdoor sporting activities and in my former professional life. Beyond his personal expertise in the shooting sciences, and specifically sporting clays, he has a unique gift as a teacher in being able to convey a wealth of information in an understandable manner that will inspire you. Patient, affable, and enthusiastic, marks Roy will be denying yourself a wonderful experience if you don't take advantage of his instructive mastery...

Alyssa D., (Atlanta, GA)

Roy is the absolute best! It was my first time shooting clays and his efficient and easy to implement instructions helped me hit my first clay on my first shot!! Such a cool moment. Thank you, Roy, for your help and encouragement! You are a rockstar!